Goa Forest Development Corporation

Goa Forest Development Corporation

Panjim Goa

Tree Cover


The Forest Survey of India has mapped the forest types in using satellite data with reference to Champion and Seth Classification. As per this assessment in the State of Forest Report 2011, the state has 5 forest types which belong to five forest type groups.


The mangroves are salt tolerant plant communities found along the tropical and sub-tropical tidal regions of the world between 24 degrees north and 38 degrees south latitudes. These ecosystems are rich in biodiversity and the mangrove vegetation exhibit a number of morphological and physiological adaptations in order to survive in such harsh conditions characterized by lack of oxygen, high salinity and frequent tidal inundation. As per the SFR report 2013, the area of the mangrove vegetation was 22 Sq.Km.

The district wise and density wise area under mangroves in the state of Goa is given below

Mangrove Area Assessments in Previous Years as per SFR