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With an area of 85.65 km2 Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is the Southern most protected Area in Goa. The Sanctuary has hill ranges all along the north and eastern side and slopes towards western side.

The Cotigao Wildlife sanctuary was set up in 1968 to protect the exposed stretch of woodland on the Goa-Karnataka border, which was home to a number of species of animal and bird life, as well as some rare, old trees.


The forest is predominantly moist deciduous type with patches of semi-evergreen and evergreen forest at many places. The undulating terrain, favorable ecological and climatic conditions resulted in the rich diversity of flora and fauna in this region. The noteworthy among are Black (melanistic) Leopard, Sloth Bear, Painted Bat, Indian Pied Hornbill, Larger Golden Backed Woodpecker and variety of other faunal diversity.


Dudhsagar Falls
10 km from Collem, hidden away in an evergreen valley in the Western Ghats the highest and largest waterfalls of Goa. cascades down 306 mts in two segments, is a trekking paradise.
2450/- per cottage
Devil’s Canyon
A formation of rock broken into criss-cross sections and under water passages through which Dudshsagar river flows with great turbulence.
Lord Mahadev’s Temple
This 13th Century A.D. temples is the only one constructed from black basalt in Goa. It is 13 km from Mollem, situated aTambdi Surla
Nature Interpretation Centre
Located at Mollem within the Park Complex, It is a store house of information on nature, environment and wildlife.
Ghat Road
A drive along NH 4 upto the border of Goa is full of scenic and memorable facets of the Landscape.
Sunset Point
Combine the charm and beauty, commanding extensive pannoramic view of hills and vallys. The sunset and sunshine can be seen at the same time from here on a full moon evening. A spot to have a date with nature. While you are there watch out for the sloth bear and our state animal- Gaur. Get a telescope view of the blue water of Arabian Sea and golden .
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Goa to Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. https://goo.gl/maps/SmWe1A1eKy4dkUWs7




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Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls

₹ 2450/-

₹ 2450/-

₹ 2450/-

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